Integrated Grievance Management System-IGMS

IRDA has started Integrated Grievance management system-IGMS in 2010 to allow the insurance buyers to log complaints related to their insurance policy and insurance company.

Integrated Grievance Management system IGMS is an online system where insurance policy holders just simply enter their policy and personal details and can lodge a complaint.

What is Grievance

In general Grievance means injustice, or unfair.

In insurance context it holds the same meaning. So, when an insurance holder feels that he/she have been treated unfairly by their Insurance company in any situation.

What type of complaints IGMS accepts?

Integrated Grievance Management system accepts any types of complaint that is related to Insurance policy.

For example, it can be premium payment related, claims related, Bonus related or Documents related.

When to lodge complaint with IGMS

When you have a complaint, you should first approach the insurance company. Then f the insurance company does not respond to our complaint in 15 days OR you are not satisfied with their response then you can lodge a complaint in Integrated Grievance Management System

Different Modes of complaint registration with IGMS

We can lodge our complaint with Integrated Grievance Management System in different ways

1. Online Complaint: IRDA and IGMS website allows people to lodge a complaint online using their site

2. FAX: In order to send the complaint through FAX , first you need to download the complaint form and then Fill it.

After that we can FAX the filled form to this number 040-66789768 (Hyderabad).

3. Post/Courier: We can also send the completed/filled complaint to IGMS through Post/ Courier. Here is the address.

Consumer Affairs Department Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority 3-5-817/818, United India Towers, 9th Floor Hyderguda, Basheerbagh Hyderabad – 500 029

4. Email : We can also send an email

5. Phone : The phone number to call in case of a complaint is Toll Free on IRDA grievance contact number: 155255 or 1800-4254-732.

IGMS Online registration Process

Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS)

1. Register:

If you are not a registered customer, then click below link to register.

We can register as individual or as firm.

IGMS Registration

2. Fill the Personal and Contact Details

Enter all the mandatory fields

Integrated Grievance Management System -IGMS-Customer details

When I tried to save with just entering only mandatory fields, I see the below message

3. Registration complete

Once I click on save, I see below message.

Integrated Grievance Management System -IGMS

It looks like we need to enter at least one of the numbers mentioned above though they are not marked as mandatory.

IGMS – Successful Registration

Though I have not entered any complaint so far it shows the above message, I believe this means the registration is successful.

4. Email received from IRDA

IGMS Email from IRDA

IGMS Complaint registration process

1. Login with registered details

Once the registration is complete, we will be redirected to the same page where we started, there we can login with once of the below numbers and DOB. Since I entered my passport number.

Integrated Grievance Management System -IGMS -Login

2. Dashboard

Once login we will be redirected to the dashboard kind of page where it shows the list of complaints, we registered

Integrated Grievance Management System -IGMS -Dashboard

3. Select Register complaint

IGMS -Register complaint

4. Fill the complaint form

Once logged in you will be presented with below form.

The form contains sections like

Tell us whether your grievance relates to

Here you select Life/Non Life

Select the Complaint Classification

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